Introduction to Studio

What is Studio?

Studio is a unified editorial workspace inside Contentful that streamlines and automates the day-to-day operations that slow down content creation and delivery. Studio allows content teams to create, assemble, review, approve, and publish content.

Copywriters, editors, designers, and content managers can use Studio to: 

  • Create and assemble content for any channel.

  • Schedule and publish multiple pieces of content at once.

  • Keep content flowing through review and approval workflows to reduce risk.

  • Work autonomously while in coordination with others.

Unlike the web app, Studio does not require content modeling knowledge. Instead, editors can assemble pages from predefined content components and media, without involving additional engineering resources.

Studio allows you to do the following:

  • Create and publish pages — Add pages based on your page types, fill them with content, edit and publish.

  • Create releases — Group multiple pages, entries, and assets into releases.

  • Schedule publishing — Schedule publishing events for releases or individual pages.

  • Review and approve — Define workflow steps that your content must complete before it is published.

  • Content governance — Plan and track your team work by marking your content with workflow states.

How is Studio different from the Contentful web app?

The Studio experience is characterized by:

  • Quicker and easier onboarding for content teams.

  • Page types can be quickly set up based on your existing content types.

  • Faster and more efficient creation and assembly of content in a single editing view.

  • Workflows allow teams to define the steps a piece of content must complete before it is published.

  • Releases allow the simultaneous publishing of multiple pages, entries, and assets.


Studio is currently available as part of the early access program (EAP). Within the EAP, there are limitations on the number of entities that can be created per environment as follows:

  • Maximum 2 page types.

  • Maximum 1 workflow.

  • Maximum 1 active release.

  • Releases cannot be archived.

NOTE: If you're using Compose + Launch, the limitations on the page types and active releases don't apply. If you participated in the Workflows EAP, the workflows limitation doesn't apply.

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Training course

To learn more about how to create pages, set up releases, and track content with workflows in Studio, refer to our Learning Center course Contentful Studio EAP.

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