Live preview

What is live preview?

Live preview allows users to preview their content in real time in the same page with the entry editor. As changes to the content are made, they are immediately reflected in the preview pane.

Live preview features

Live preview comes with the following features:

  • Side-by-side previewing and editing — Edit your entry and preview changes in the same web app page, no switching between the tabs is needed:

Live preview overview
  • Live updates — As you edit your entry, the changes are simultaneously displayed in the preview pane, without refreshing the preview:

Live preview live updates
  • Inspector mode — Click Edit against a specific piece of website content to quickly jump to its source field and make the necessary changes:

Live preview inspector mode


To be able to use side-by-side previewing and editing, you must set up a content preview, but no code changes are required. To activate live preview advanced features - live updates and inspector mode - it is required to initialize the live preview SDK:


Requirement to initialize live preview SDK

Side-by-side previewing and editing

No live preview SDK required.

Live updates

Live preview SDK required.

Inspector mode

Live preview SDK required.

NOTE: To learn how to set up live preview basic and advanced features, refer to Live preview.

NOTE: Live preview does not currently support custom entry editors; only the default entry editor is supported at this time.

Why does my website refuse to connect?

The live preview pane might display a “Refused to connect” message. This can happen if your website has a security configuration that prevents other websites from embedding it in an iframe. Reach out to your dev or security team to modify your website security configuration to enable live preview support.​​ To learn more, refer to Set up live preview.

Live preview refused to connect

Locales in live preview

Live preview displays your entry in the locale that is selected in the entry editor.

You can switch the locales within live preview. To enable this option, you must add a locale element (either the {locale} token or a localized custom preview token) in your preview settings. To learn more, refer to Set up content preview

NOTE: The feature is available only to the Premium plan customers.

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