Marketplace App Requirements

Listing an App on the Contentful Marketplace

Updated June 22nd, 2023

Listing an app on the Contentful Marketplace provides excellent benefits to partners and developers. Marketplace apps are used by a wide range of Contentful customers, solve common needs of Contentful customers, and integrate to the tools used across the content development process.

With Contentful’s App Framework, building an app for the Marketplace is easy! All apps listed on the Contentful Marketplace are reviewed by Contentful for security, functionality and design and are required to have their source code publicly accessible for review. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your app is secure, matches Contentful’s UI/UX, and can pass Contentful Marketplace app review.

Every partner or developer that wants to list in the Marketplace must join the Contentful partner program, agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and Technology Partner Agreement.

Integrity Requirements

Apps must follow common security practices to be listed on the Marketplace. These include standards for privacy, security, and visibility.

  • Every app listed in the Contentful Marketplace must have a link to a license agreement, a link to a privacy policy, and documentation supporting the app

  • Every app should be thoroughly documented, covering installation, configuration, and usage

  • Every app must include a support email or link where a user can request support or ask questions about the app

  • Review your app using manual or automated tools to ensure that you are using up to date packages (if used) and that your app has no known vulnerabilities

  • Follow secure coding practices

  • Ensure that the permissions required by the app are reasonable. For example, an app doing translations should not need access to users or data about other spaces

Code Guidelines

Contentful Marketplace apps are required to store their frontend code in a readily accessible open source repo (e.g. Github). This allows a user to conduct their own review of the app, as well as expand or fork functionality if needed. Today, all new Marketplace apps must be hosted in the Contentful Marketplace Partner Apps repository and migrate their app definition to Contentful. Existing apps must migrate to these requirements by February 2024.

It is not required that your product or IP is open sourced - only that your app’s frontend code is.

If you cannot open source your code for any reason, please let Contentful know during the review process.

All repos for Contentful Marketplace apps should also include a license file (MIT license recommended) as well as a README file that contains installation, configuration, and usage steps.

Likewise, after app review, the app’s App Definition must also be moved to a Contentful-managed space. This step helps prevents issues with sharing and access.

Installation and Configuration Guidelines

A high quality and clear installation and configuration experience increases user trust and ensures that Marketplace apps behave similarly. At a minimum:

  • Please use at a minimum the Contentful standard configuration screen layout, available in the App Framework

  • App Identities should be used at all times, instead of individual Contentful user credentials or API keys

  • Apps that require authentication should use OAuth or Service Accounts when possible. Ensure the authentication method makes sense based on how the app will be used

  • If the app requires a user to paste in secrets (API keys, username/password, etc), these should be obfuscated after submission.

  • If credentials are used, the app should strive to verify them with a check that they are valid at time of configuration

App Experience Guidelines

Your app should generally fit the look, feel, and functionality of Contentful. Great apps blend seamlessly into the Contentful design system, and should not feel like a departure from the experience.

  • Ensure that the UI/UX of the app:

    • Looks and feels like Contentful, using Forma36 styled components wherever possible

    • Does not “break” the surrounding Contentful experience. For example, iFrames or overlays should not unexpectedly hide or cover other features

    • Fits simply into the Contentful experience. Avoid unnecessary complexity or steps if possible.

  • Ensure that the app uses automation wherever possible. For example:

    • Avoid users needing to do a manual refresh or press a “sync” button to get data back to Contentful

    • Avoid users needing to leave Contentful to get required information, such as needing to leave Contentful to get an embed code

  • Ensure that the app is authored primarily in English

    • Apps should use internationalized English writing standards

    • Apps should be reviewed for typos or grammatical issues before submission

Testing Guidelines

Apps should be tested thoroughly before you list on the Marketplace or update your app. Please functionally test your app before release, ensuring that it is installable, configurable, and works as you expect.

Requesting App Review

Once you have ensured that your app meets Contentful standards and is functional, you can submit for an app review.

Start by filling out this form. A member of the Contentful team will reach out to set up an app review. You will need:

  • A clear name for your app - generally your business/product name

  • A tagline, description, feature list, and requirements list for your app

  • Logo(s) and screenshots - these will be used in the Marketplace, on your developer page, as well as in the technology partner page

  • Documentation, License Agreement, and Privacy Policy links - apps without a Privacy Policy or License Agreement will not be accepted

You must also share your app before listing, and ensure it remains shared during and after review.


Once an app is listed, the app definition will not change.

During the App Review

The app review allows Contentful to ensure that your app meets all of the above requirements, as well as make specific recommendations about ways to improve or iterate on your app! One or more Contentful engineers as well as a Product Manager and/or Designer will join the review.

During the app review, we will ask you to demo your app from installations through configuration and use. This gives us a chance to better understand your business and your app, make any functional recommendations or change requests, and share any additional ideas we have around iteration or improvement. Your app must at a minimum meet the above requirements to pass review.

At any time before, during, or after the app review, we are happy to answer any questions you have about your app as well as provide advice and guidance.

After the App Review

Congratulations - if you’ve passed the app review, the next step is to get listed on the Contentful Marketplace! Contentful releases new Marketplace apps every month, on the last Thursday of the month. Before release, we will prepare your Marketplace page and let you know if we have additional questions or needs.

At 2 weeks in advance of release, you will need to share your app frontend source code with Contentful so that it can be moved to the Marketplace Partner Apps repo. The app definition will also be moved to a Contentful-managed space to prevent issues with sharing or installation.

After release, your app will be installable by any Contentful user. We strongly recommend sharing the new app with your customers/users as well as using social media, websites, and other tools to spread the word.

Updating Your App

If you need to make updates to the app, you can either submit a PR (pull request) for review by the Contentful team if your app code is managed by Contentful, or update your repo if it is not. Changes made to app code reflect immediately for any customers who have installed your app. It is vital that you ensure any updates or changes are not breaking and are functionality tested, and that you inform your users before major changes that place.

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