Contentful Planner App (EAP)

NOTE: The Planner app is currently only available to a selected number of customers through our Early Access Program. 

Working with the content of your existing Contentful spaces, the Planner app is a new experience that is purpose-built for creating, managing, and publishing coordinated content releases.

Concepts and features

  • Allows you to group multiple content entries into “releases”

  • Allows you to publish releases on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis 

  • Allows you to view releases and scheduled content in the context of a release calendar

What are releases?

Releases are groups of content that need to have the same action performed together. (For example, publishing all the entries and assets necessary for a Black Friday campaign launch.) You can create a release, add entries and assets to it via the web app, and then publish all of the entries and assets with a single action.

Learn more about releases

The Planner app allows you to view these releases, the list of entries and assets contained within and preview it via custom previews that have been set up in the web app. Additionally, the Planner app allows you to schedule a release to be published at a future date using the scheduled actions feature.

Planning App - Release detail view

The Holiday Destinations release as viewed in the Planner app

What is scheduled publishing?

Scheduled publishing provides the ability to schedule in advance the publishing or unpublishing of content.

Learn more about scheduled publishing

The Planner app provides a calendar view that lets you see all upcoming and past scheduled publishing actions taken on releases.

Planning App - Schedule view

Scheduled publishing works in the Planner app the same as in the web app, with the following addition:

  • Currently only two releases may be scheduled for the same time

I want to try it out!

The Planner app is currently hosted on a separate website and can be accessed at:

You will be asked for the password that was provided as part of your EAP welcome email. Once the password is provided, you will be redirected to the Contentful login page and then will see an organization and space selection page. Once the desired space is selected, the Planner app will open.

Providing feedback

The Planner app is in early access and development, we will provide the necessary inputs to help capture your feedback from the EAP. Open and honest feedback will allow us to continue to build out this feature in the right direction for you and our customers.

Here’s what you can expect during the EAP:

  • 2 x calls in the following month to check in and get your feedback about Planner

  • 2 x 5-minute email survey to collect more structured feedback.

  • If you have any questions, or run into any issues, you can send an email to the email alias provided in the welcome email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • The feature will be accessible to other users in your space. They may also join the EAP if they’re willing to join calls and reply to surveys. If you would like to expand to more spaces please let us know and we can allow them access. 

Known issues

  • Only the master environment is supported: Currently the application only supports the master environment. Please let us know if this is a blocker for your workflow.

  • Unable to select a different space: The application currently does not show the space selector once a space has been shown. Workaround: remove everything after the domain on the website address to show the space selection

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