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Building Compose content model with a Quick start

Selecting the Compose “Quick start” option automatically installs an example content model and some example content that can be used as a starting point for your project. The example content model includes two preset page types - Help Center article and Landing page. You can play around with it by adding more pages, editing existing content and adding or removing content blocks.

To start working with an example project in Compose, select Quick start option in Welcome to Compose screen. Compose app will open with the All pages view. You will see automatically generated pages: Help Center Article and Landing Page. Go to each of the pages, view and change (if necessary) the blocks and start filling them with content.

Install Compose 004

Extending the Compose content model

If you want to add another page type or have more field types in the existing page, you can do that by updating your content model in the Contentful web app.

To extend your existing page type with more fields, access the relevant page content type in Contentful web app in the editing mode and configure the fields according to your preferences. For more information, please refer to Configuring a page type.

To add a new page type to your Compose project, set up a new page type as described here.

Setting up preview environment

To be able to preview your content created in Compose, you will need to create a new content preview in Contentful web app and indicate in it a URL for previewing your Compose content.

NOTE: This step is NOT required to get started with creating your content in Compose. You can come back to it later.

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