About References across spaces


References is a feature by Contentful that allows you to link content across spaces. Using references, you can create reusable content and update multiple spaces with the same piece of content.

NOTE: To use the References feature you must have at least two spaces within your organization.

Access the feature

IMPORTANT: To access the References feature, you must first enable orchestration for the spaces you want to link content across. For more information on how to enable spaces for orchestration in the web app, see About content orchestration.

To access the References feature:

  1. Log into the Contentful web app.

  2. Navigate to the "Home" tab.

    manage content models

  3. Click Manage references. The "Content model" tab is displayed.


  • Known limitations:

    • 3 reference fields per content type

    • 3 distinct sources/spaces per reference field 

    • 50 linked entries per field, over all locales

    • At least one content type per source/space

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