Roles and permissions for Cross-space references

You can set up permissions for Cross-space references to make sure only responsible users in platform spaces have editing access to the shared content. A platform space is a space that can share content with others.

We recommend you set up these permissions to ensure consistency across different markets, teams, and locations, and to prevent undesired changes. You can prevent undesired changes by setting up user roles with custom permissions. For more information about setting up custom roles, see Custom roles and permissions.

Important: Users in experience spaces need READ access to work with the shared content in platform spaces. This is the minimum access required. 

Do not grant EDIT access to users, unless it is required for completing a workflow.

To further restrict access, you can:

  • limit READ access for users from different spaces to certain entries of selected content types.

  • and/or add tag-based permission.

For example, you can tag entries as “readable by experience spaces”, so that only the users with access to those spaces can reference them. For more information about tag-based permissions, see Content permissions with tags.

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