Service Order Pro Feature Descriptions, SLAs, and Usage Limits

Updated March 1, 2023

This page contains definitions and details on features, SLAs, limits, and more associated with Contentful Pro subscription.

Pro features

  • Connected spaces - Ability to enroll spaces in Orchestration, to reuse content and content models across spaces. Connected spaces are those which consume content or content models from other spaces. Spaces that provide the source content or content models do not count towards plan limits.

  • Custom roles & permissions - Ability to define granular roles and permissions on space entities per user role.

  • Environment governance - Ability for space admins to control which users have access to each environment in a space.

  • Reference view - Ability for editors to see every cross-linked entry and asset for a particular entry in a single view, and also apply bulk actions.

  • SSO - Ability to provision, de-provision, and manage the privileges of Contentful users through a SAML-based Identity Provider (IdP) used by the customer. Includes a configuration module for setting up SSO in the Contentful web app.

  • Teams - Ability to group users into teams. A team can also be assigned space memberships in which case all team members inherit those roles & permissions.

  • User management API - A dedicated endpoint for managing organizations, organization memberships, teams and space memberships.

  • Workflows - Ability to create a series of stages for content entries to progress through during the publishing process.

Plan entitlements

  • Users - up to 30

  • Locales - up to 10

  • Custom roles - up to 20

Details on Technical Limits

Space entitlements

  • Intro - 25 Content types, 10k Records, 3 Environments (1 master + 2 sandbox)

  • Medium - 50 Content types, 50k Records, 4 Environments (1 master + 3 sandbox)

  • Large - 75 Content types, 200k Records, 6 Environments (1 master + 5 sandbox)

Usage Limits

Monthly API calls:

  • Pro plan comes with a baseline amount of API calls: 3,000,000 per month.

  • Spaces add additional API calls to the Pro plan:

    • Intro, Medium, Large - each space license adds 2,000,0000 per month

  • API call consumption above these amounts will be billed at $5 per 1,000,000 per month

Monthly CDN asset bandwidth:

  • Each plan comes with a baseline amount of asset bandwidth:

    • Pro - 1 TB per month

  • Spaces add additional asset bandwidth to the plans:

    • Standard spaces: Intro, Medium, Large - each spaces adds 0.75 TB per month

  • Asset bandwidth consumption above these amounts will be billed at $65 per TB per month.

  • Asset bandwidth is measured as the total size of all the assets downloaded within the usage period. Asset bandwidth also takes into account the assets cached on Contentful’s CDNs (Content Delivery Network). See more on asset bandwidth in the Usage Limits.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Uptime SLA - Service availability

  • Content Delivery API

    • 99.5% Silver

  • Asset CDN

    • 99.5% Silver

  • Content Management API

    • 99.5% Silver

Support SLA - Maximum response time

  • Severity 1 (Critical)

    • 8 business hours* - Silver

  • Severity 2 (High)

    • 16 business hours - Silver

  • Severity 3 (Standard)

    • 24 business hours - Silver

“Business hours” means Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific/Central European Time (based on contract location), excluding holidays.Pro Plan provides an opportunity for upgrading to a SLA for Uptime and Support.Please contact Sales to upgrade your Service Level Agreement.

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