Roles and permissions for Content model templates

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You can set up permissions for templates to allow control over these two main aspects:

  1. creating and updating template versions

  2. installing templates into spaces and environments.

To create and update templates, users need to have one of the following organisation level roles:

  • Administrator

  • Owner

  • Developer

There is no concept of custom permissions at organisation-level.

To install templates into spaces and environments, users first need to have access to those specific spaces and environments.

NOTE: These permissions must be granted. They are not enabled by default.

Once they have access, users need one of the following roles:

  • Administrator — When they have access to the space and environment, they can install templates by default.

  • Custom Roles — When setting up a custom role, you can grant them permission to install templates under the "Environments" tab.

    Custom role Templates permission

    For more information about setting up custom roles, see Create a custom role.

Using a combination of these two roles and permissions you have control over who can edit templates, as well as, who can install them. For example, you might want all developers to have access to templates and be able to install them on any non-production level environments, but with only certain users able to install into production environments.

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