Templates supported features

Available features

Currently, you can use the following features with templates:

  • Webhooks

  • Editor interfaces

  • Content type configurations

  • Apps

  • Locales


Webhooks are available for template installation completed events. They can be configured in each space under the webhook settings. For more information about configuring webhooks, see the Content Management API and Webhooks FAQs.

Editor interfaces and content type configurations

Currently, editor interfaces are fully supported in templates. These include all configurations for content type fields: Settings, Validations, Default value, Appearance, Groups, Sidebar and Entry Editors.


Apps are not installed as part of content type templates yet. However, if apps were already installed in the target environments, they will be supported.

NOTE: You can install Apps into multiple spaces and environments using the cross environment app installations. For more information, see Apps across spaces.

Default values and locales

Default values are supported with templates, however localisation of these values is made on a best effort basis. Default values defined in the templated content type will only be initialised for the locales that are present in the target environments.

For example:

Locale in TemplateLocale in Target SpaceResult

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