Trial spaces

NOTE: Trial spaces are only available for customers on our Premium plan.

A trial space is a space that you can use to try out new projects, free of charge. Trial spaces are intended for non-production development and testing purposes only.

A trial space is available for 30 days after creation. After those 30 days, you can buy a subscription plan for this space to continue using it. Otherwise, it will become read-only. If you change your mind, and later want to revisit and publish the trial space after the trial has ended, you can simply buy a subscription and be back to editing content in no time.

To create a trial space:

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app. 

  2. Navigate to the top-left corner of the pane, select the Organization name, click Organization settings.

  3. On the Spaces page, click Trial Spaces on the top right.

  4. Choose a space type, name your space, and choose the option "Empty" or "Example."

  5. Click Continue and Confirm.

You are then free to add content as desired to your new trial space. After your trial space is created, a countdown will be shown in the navigation bar, allowing you to see how much time is left before the space is set to read-only.

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