Using teams to manage organization access

By managing access with teams, you can streamline managing users in bulk. When you set up a new space, you only need to grant access to the teams that require access, rather than individual users. When a new user joins your organization, you can simply add them to the teams they should be a member of, rather than individual spaces. Two effective ways to set up your teams are functional and cross functional teams. You can use a combination of both functional and cross functional teams to manage access.

Functional teams

Functional teams consist of members who have similar jobs or tasks to complete. You can set the team up to have access in spaces with specific space roles and permissions. This is useful when you want to onboard users quickly to your organization and ensure they have access to the right spaces.

Cross-functional teams

Cross functional teams consist of members who don’t necessarily have the same jobs, but are working on the same project or content. This is useful to allow team members to know who they are collaborating with.

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