Using teams to manage space access

As a Space Admin, you can manage which teams have access to your space.

Once teams have been created, you can access them at any time by clicking the Settings tab > Teams. You can add teams and assign the team a role in the space. All members of the team will inherit this access to the space. You can also change the role for the team as well as remove their access from the space completely. If a member of the team also has individual access to the space, they will have the combined access from their individual and team access.

As an Organization Owner or Organization Admin, you can manage the spaces which a team has access to. Navigate to Organization settings & subscriptions > Teams tab and click the name of a team to view the team’s details. Click on Space memberships to view which spaces the team has access to. You can add, remove and change the access to spaces which the team has. All members of the team will inherit the access to the spaces.

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