Using Workflows in an entry

This section gives details on configuration, viewing a workflow, task actions in the sidebar, changing between steps, and manual completion of a workflow. 

workflows in an entry

Starting a workflow 

If the “Automatic start” option is enabled, the first step will be displayed in your workflow sidebar. 

For the “Manual start” option, click Start workflow in the sidebar to initiate the workflow and move the entry to the first step. 

Configuring Workflows to the sidebar 

Once installing the Workflows app to your chosen environment, the workflow should be automatically enabled in the entry sidebar of each configured content type. If Workflows is not automatically enabled on your sidebar, follow the next steps.  

To configure Workflows in the content entry sidebar: 

  1. In the top pane, click Content Model

  2. Select the Content Type for the workflow you created. 

  3. Select the “Name” of the Content Type to be directed to the overview page for that Content Type. 

  4. Click on the Sidebar tab on the “Content Type” page. 

  5. Under the “Available items” column, click the “+” icon in the “Workflows” box.

    workflows Sidebar configuration

  6. At the top right of the page, click Save.

NOTE: Only one workflow can be assigned to one content type.

To view Workflows in the content entry sidebar: 

  1. In the top pane, click Content

  2. Click Content Type for the assigned Workflow. 

  3. On the Content Type page, you will see your workflow in the sidebar.

    workflows Move workflow step

Changing between steps   

Once a workflow is initiated, the users with the appropriate step change permissions will be able to change between workflow steps. To change between steps, click the Move to button, or Cancel to remain on the current step.   

For each step change, users have the option to leave comments in the text field. This feature allows teams to communicate and provide additional context to a certain workflow step change.

step change comment feature

You can set up an email notification step as a confirmation and summary of the actions that were performed to selected users and teams. 

NOTE: You will be able to see a history of workflow changes by clicking view history next to the current status in the sidebar. 

workflows flexible step

Manual Completion

When your workflow reaches the last step, you have the capability to manually close the workflow from the entry sidebar widget. 

NOTE: To restart the workflow after marking it as complete, navigate to the sidebar and click Start workflow from the drop-down. 

Complete workflow

Configured Tasks in entry sidebar

The Task actions created in the workflow step will appear in the “Tasks” section of the entry sidebar. Click View all tasks to view the entire list of tasks. To mark the task as complete, click the checkmark icon in the task box. To edit or delete, click the triple dotted icon inside the task box.

workflows Task action

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