Working with Calendar in Studio

NOTE: The Studio EAP will end on March 1, 2023. To continue using Studio capabilities, please install Compose, Launch, and Workflows. Anything that was created in the Studio EAP will be available in those apps.

In the Calendar page, you can view your scheduled releases, as well as individual entries and assets according to publish or unpublish date and filter them.

The Calendar page provides the following options:

  • View by date — Click on a specific date in the calendar to view releases,  entries and assets scheduled for that date.

  • Select time zone — TIME ZONE field displays the default time zone of the scheduled actions. You can select a different time zone from the drop-down to view which time your scheduled content is published/unpublished in that time zone.

NOTE: In the list view, the time of the scheduled content is displayed in the following format: time according to the selected timezone/ time according to the timezone defined at scheduling.

  • Filter by type — Narrow down your content by applying filters to it according to the following options: All; Releases; Single entries; Assets.

  • List view — Scroll through the list to see the upcoming and past releases, entries and assets along with their statuses. The list is arranged according to date and time of publish/unpublish, with the oldest events listed first. 

  • Actions menu (for upcoming scheduled actions only) — Allows you to either edit or remove a specific scheduled action.

  • Accessing editor page — Click on a specific release or entity to access its editor page. 

Studio Calendar 701

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