Working with Google Docs

Preventing extra lines between paragraphs

The RichText editor automatically adds a space between paragraphs. When you want to transfer content from Google Docs to a RichText field in Contentful, it is helpful to format paragraphs in Google Docs so that they also automatically add a space between paragraphs. Formatting paragraphs properly in Google Docs before copying and pasting them into a RichText field in Contentful will ensure that you do not have an extra line break between paragraphs.

Working with Google Docs - Extra Line Breaks

Example content with an extra line break between paragraphs

To automatically add a space between paragraphs in Google Docs:

  1. In the Google Docs Menu, go to “Format” → “Paragraph styles” → “Borders and shading”

Working with Google Docs - Settings

2. In the dialog box, enable the right most box under “Position”

3. Set “Paragraph padding” to “6 pt”

4. Click Apply.

Working with Google Docs - Paragraph Padding

After enabling these settings, the content that you create will have spaces between the paragraphs automatically and be ready to be imported into Contentful.

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