Guidelines for attributing Contentful

Customers on a Pro Bono plan are required to display the Contentful wordmark on the pages displaying content and/or assets hosted on Contentful. (Historically, free Developer plans required this as well, but that requirement has been waived.) The wordmark is a small image containing the words "Powered by" and a Contentful logo. It typically resides at the bottom of the page. The wordmark must contain the link

Adding attribution

We have prepared the wordmarks that you can include in your project by copying and pasting the appropriate snippet into your site/app HTML.

Logo Asset Code
Logo with a light background (SVG) PoweredByContentful LightBackground
Logo with a dark background (SVG) PoweredByContentful DarkBackground
Monochrome logo with a dark background (SVG) PoweredByContentful DarkBackground MonochromeLogo

Non-visual attribution

If the nature of your project makes it impractical/impossible to display a visual attribution, consider crediting Contentful in the Help or About section of your app, or the Readme document in your code repository.


If you wish to remove the Contentful wordmark, please contact us to discuss available options.

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