Community to Free Migration FAQ

When will the Community plan convert to the Free plan?

The migration of Community users to our Free plan will occur throughout 2023, starting on May 15 and concluding on October 30, 2023.  We will be communicating the migration timing with each Community organization’s admin(s) and owner(s). Please keep an eye on your inbox.

What extra benefits do I gain with the new Free plan?

 The new benefits on the Free plan include:

  • 2 extra roles: Author and Translator

  • Access to the Tasks app

  • Access to the Compose app

  • More API calls

  • Higher asset bandwidth limits

For an overview of all benefits included in the Free plan, see the pricing page.

What if I am ready to upgrade?

You can upgrade to our Basic plan from the Contentful web app, under the "Subscription" tab of the Organization settings & subscriptions. If you have questions about the upgrading process, or need help determining which self-serve plan is right for you, please contact our Product Advocate team at

How do I reach out to Sales to discuss additional investment in the Contentful opportunity?

If you’d like to discuss growing your project with our Premium plan, please reach out to Sales using our Contact form.

What will happen to my Community plan when it gets converted to Free?

We will convert your space(s) to Intro space(s) with new limits.

What are the limits on the Free plan?

Our Free plan includes 25 content types, 10,000 records, 4 standard roles, 2 locales and 2 environments. For more information, see the pricing page.

What action is required from me?

If you are under the Free plan limits, there is nothing for you to do. If you are close to over your limits for the Free plan, you will be provided a longer time frame until your plan is converted to Free. That way you have time to upgrade to a paid plan, or gradually reduce your consumption below the new Intro space limits.

What happens if I don’t upgrade to a paid plan?

If you decide not to upgrade to a paid plan, we recommend you gradually reduce your consumption below the new Free plan’s Intro space limits. If you are over limits upon space conversion, your remaining content types and published records above the new limits will not be affected and can still be edited. However, you will not be able to create new ones until you are under the limit.

Why did you change the free space limits?

We used data to inform resizing our free space. Our retired free, or Community, spaces had the same number of content types as paid spaces — which made sense in the old model where features served as differentiators. But, this isn’t the case now that most features are included across pricing plans (i.e., roles, locales, etc.).

In short, the new Intro space, which comes as part of the Free plan, better aligns with our grow-gradually pricing model. And it comes with several upgrades — specifically more roles, increased API calls and bandwidth, and access to the Tasks and Compose apps.

You can read more about our new, more streamlined pricing model on our blog.

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