Duplicating a page

How duplication works

When you duplicate a page in Compose, an exact copy of this page is created, with the same fields and content in them. The new page is created in draft mode. You can then edit its title, slug, change the content in it according to your preferences and publish the page.

What exactly is duplicated?

When a page is duplicated, a copy of all of its fields with their content is created. Referenced entries are duplicated only if Composition relationship is activated. If Composition relationship is disabled, the entry will be linked, but not duplicated.

NOTE: The image below displays how Composition and non-composition reference entries look like in a page in Compose:

What gets duplicated

The following content types are linked and not duplicated:

  • Compose pages.

  • Assets.

Which pages cannot be duplicated?

A page that contains over 200 referenced entries cannot be duplicated. If you attempt to duplicate it, a relevant notification will be displayed.

Which permissions are required to duplicate a page?

A user should be allowed to create entries of type “Compose: Page” and “Compose: SEO” to be able to duplicate pages in Compose.

A user should be allowed to read or edit a referenced entry with Composition relationship in the page to be able to duplicate the page.

How to duplicate a page

To duplicate a page: 

  1. Go to the All Pages view. 

  2. Optional: Search for the required page by entering its name in the search field.

  3. Go to the required page, click the actions menu on the right and select Duplicate page. A new page is created in draft mode.

Compose Duplicate page 501

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