Contentful Free Tier FAQ

What is the new Contentful Free Tier plan?

Contentful’s new free plan is designed to accelerate digital development by enabling the developer community to build without barriers, using the latest technologies such as GraphQL in their programming platform/language of choice.

What’s different about the Free tier plan vs a trial plan?

Contentful’s free tier plan can be used at no cost. It’s a feature-rich offering compared to other paid starter plans or limited trials on the market. We’re making this available because we believe in supporting innovation and education. Limited, 14-day trials don’t give developers the freedom and time to learn about a new platform and start to build out projects.

How is Contentful’s Free tier plan different from other CMS vendors?

We understand that plan restrictions and limitations stifle experimentation and innovation, so we wanted to take a different approach and offer a well-balanced feature set without unnecessary restrictions. Below are a few ways the Contentful Free tier plan is different from other vendors and gives developers the chance to test the modern technologies and contemporary architectures used by industry leaders.

Other vendorsContentful free tier plan

Who is the Free tier plan for?

The Free tier plan is aimed at individual developers’ personal projects, hack weeks or supporting a local non-profit. It is not intended for commercial purposes.

What can I build on the Free tier plan?

This plan is good for building a modern website, a mobile app or supporting other channels, such as personal sites, hackathons or philanthropic projects. The sandbox environments allow you to safely, manually test a few features in parallel before merging into production.

How do I get started with a Free tier account?

Simply sign up here, get your API keys and start building!

Does the Free tier plan also offer technical support?

Contentful has robust developer documentation which you can use to get started, and our Discord community has hundreds of active community members excited to help. Simply join our Discord community or check out Technical support via chat, email or in the form of a dedicated customer success manager and solutions architect is available in paid plans.

See the pricing page for more information.

Where can I find guides and documentation?

Here are a few helpful resources to get started: 

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