Subscription plan

If you are an organization owner or organization administrator, you can view or modify your current subscription plan details in the web app.  

To see subscription plan details:

  1. Log into the web app.

  2. On the top-left of the navigation bar, click the organization name, then click "Organization settings".

  3. You'll be brought to the Subscription page.

To change subscription plan details:

  1. Scroll to the space usage summary table and click “Change” next to the name of the space you’d like to upgrade.

Space usage summary

Provides an overview of all your current space resources at a glance. You can use it to see how close each space is to reaching the corresponding plan limits.

Subscription plan

It lists the following:

  • Space type -- See what type each of your spaces are. Click "Upgrade" next to the name of the space you'd like to change

  • Environments -- How many environments your space is using

  • Roles -- How many roles your space is using

  • Locales -- How many locales your space is using

  • Content types -- How many content types are in your space

  • Records -- How many records your space is using. (Records are a combined count of Entries + Assets in your space)

Warnings are displayed next to a resource as you approach your plan limits. Yellow warnings appear when remaining resources are below 20%, and for resources with lower limits (< 5) when a single resource is remaining. Red warnings appear only when you have exceeded your plan limit.

Click on a column to sort the table accordingly. For example, to sort your spaces based on the number of environments used, click the Environments column. Click the column once to sort descending, and click again to sort ascending.

The Space usage summary can be exported to a local CSV file. The export includes the Entries and Assets usage (Entries + Assets = Records), Space ID, Created at, Created by, and the Expiry date (for Trial Spaces).

At the bottom of the table, you can adjust how many results you see in the table at once.

For more information on our different plans, see our Pricing page.

Please note that use of Contentful is subject to system limits to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the service infrastructure. These limits are listed in the technical limits section of the developer documentation.

More questions about space usage? Reach out to our Support team for help.

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