Tags - FAQs

Who can create tags?

By default, tags can be created by users in admin roles. However, you can decide which roles can create tags by updating Roles & Permissions in the Settings of your space.

Tags permission to manage tags

What is the maximum number of tags allowed per environment?


What is the maximum number of tags allowed per entry or asset?


Can I edit my tags?

Tag IDs are immutable and cannot be modified after the tags are created to preserve the metadata associated with your entries. However, the tag name can be easily modified by visiting the tag section in your environment settings. Once applied, changes to the tag name will be immediately reflected in your environment. Keep in mind that tags have to carry unique names and IDs.

Can tags be managed in a programmatic way?

Yes. If you are a space admin or have been granted the manage tags permission, you can manage tags via the Contentful Management API (CMA). See our CMA documentation for more information. You can also use tags in contentful-management.js, our JavaScript management client library, as well as our contentful-migration, contentful-import and contentful-export tools via the contentful-cli.

What is the difference between private and public tags?

Private tags are meant to be used solely by internal teams and are only accessible via the Content Management API (CMA). By contrast, public tags can be used in customer-facing context, for example, to display SEO-related metadata, streamline the organization of public content or supporting various personalization scenarios on the frontend. For this reason, public tags are accessible via the CMA, Content Delivery API (CDA) and Content Preview API (CPA). Please note that tags can be set to private/public only during the creation process.

Tags private and public tags

Are tags environment-aware?

Yes, tags are environment-aware. This means that you can define a distinct set of tags for each of the environments you are working in. This is useful when developing new features or preparing large content updates.

Yes, our search functionality supports tags in the web app and within our APIs. Our tests also show that searching for content using tags tends to produce faster results. For this reason, we actively encourage our users to use tags for filtering content whenever possible.

Can I use tags for SEO purposes?

Public tags can be used for SEO purposes because they are exposed through the Delivery API to your client-side applications.

Private tags cannot be used for SEO. They are intended to be used to organize and search for content within Contentful, and they are only returned in the Contentful Management API.

Can I use tags for enriching assets with metadata?

Yes, you can add tags to assets to store metadata. Only public tags will be returned in the Contentful Delivery API, whereas private tags are only returned in the Contentful Management API. 

Can tags be used in apps?

Yes, you can create, read, update and delete tags via apps.

Are tags a paid feature?

No, tags are available to all customers on the current plans.

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