Upgrading a space (Enterprise)

NOTE: This article only applies for customers on our Enterprise tier. Customers on our Community or Team tier should instead follow the instructions in this article.

You must be an Organization owner or administrator in order to use this feature.

After scaling up to the Enterprise tier, you have immediate access to all newly purchased spaces. Now you can upgrade spaces directly from the web application.

To upgrade a space:

  1. Log in to your Contentful account.

  2. Click the Contentful logo in the top-left corner. Click "Organization settings & subscription".

  3. Click the Subscription tab.

  4. You will see two sections under the Spaces heading:

  • Used spaces: All your existing spaces, including paid spaces and trial spaces

  • Unused spaces: Space types that are not assigned to any space

5. In order to upgrade or downgrade any of these spaces, click "Change" next to the space in the Used spaces tab.

Select the space type you want to use. This is also the page where you can compare space limits against your current usage.

Upgrading a trial space cannot be undone. All other space types can be downgraded back to their previous space type. Just click "Change" next to the space in the Used spaces tab and select the type desired.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the support team.

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