Adding extra information to an asset

By default, when uploading your media file as an asset to the Contentful platform, you can add a title and a description to it. If you would like to extend your media files with more information, we recommend creating a dedicated content type for them.

When creating a dedicated content type, you can select and add fields to it to fill in your desired properties. For example, you can add fields for SEO or alternative text.

NOTE: To learn how to create a content type and add fields to it, please refer to Step 3 and Step 4 here.

When creating a dedicated content type for your media files, please consider the following:

  • Add Reference field to your dedicated content type for linking your media file.

  • Your media file will always be uploaded as an asset and displayed under the Media tab.

  • The entry containing the reference to the asset and its additional information will be displayed under the Content tab.

NOTE: You can also assign your assets with tags that are used to group content and allocate it between the teams of contributors. To learn more about tags, please refer to Tags.

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