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Get help with searching in the Web App

You can use the Contentful web app to search within your content. To search via the Content Delivery API, see its Search parameters. Because you can search content from multiple locations, and in a few different ways, the information that follows covers searching for content entries (C), media assets (M), and content types within content models (CM).

Simple search with a keyphrase (C, M, CM)

To search through all of the (short and long) text fields within your entry, type a keyphrase in the search field:

Search blue pills

A search is case-insensitive. Search happens automatically and dynamically; you do not have to press Enter. Keep in mind that when you use IS operator, you will get exact results; when you use MATCHES, you get fuzzy search results.

Search by filters (C, M)

To reduce the number of keyphrase search results, increase the number of filters. Select the down arrow to get a list of all of the options, or start typing the name of a desired filter to easily access it.

The operators that are supported by specific field types are listed as follows:

Field type Equality operator IS Inequality operator IS NOT Match operator (fuzzy search) MATCHES Range IS LESS
Short text Yes Yes Yes        
Short text – list Yes Yes          
Short text – list with predefined values Yes Yes          
Long text Yes   Yes        
Number – integer Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number – decimal Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Datetime Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media – one file Yes Yes          
Media – many files     Yes        
Boolean Yes            
JSON object              
Reference - one Yes Yes          
Reference - many     Yes        
Filter by reference value (C)

A reference is a link between two entries. Imagine you are working with a blog, where a blog post entry reference a category entry. To find all of the posts that belong to a specific category, search for this category in the reference field. First, select the reference field in the search filter and then locate the right category entry in the modal box.

Searching by reference

Alternatively, if you already know the ID for the category entry, paste it in the category filter and perform a search.

Media specific searches (M)

Working with media assets often requires you to match images of a specific type or size. There is an additional set of filters that can be used in image search:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Type
  • Size
  • Filename

When working with these filters, you can use the same operators as in numerical and text fields listed above.

Have a question or comment? Email Contentful Support or explore the Search FAQ.