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February 21, 2020


The world’s largest companies run on Contentful. Companies whose scale, scope and legal obligations often produce complicated challenges. That’s where Contentful’s solution architects come in; they design solutions for the most complex situations, helping customers build secure and inventive digital experiences.

This eBook — available in PDF, Kindle, and Epub formats — includes seven solutions, on topics that range from configuring autobackups to creating personalized websites with Contentful. Our architects wrote each in response to specific customer requests, but their solutions also have wider applications.

The eBook includes:

  • Advice on developing content models that cater to specific business goals. A successful content model sets everyone up for success.

  • How UI extensions can enhance Contentful’s web app in almost any way expressible in HTML and Javascript — including the integration of external APIs in the web app. You’ll learn how to add fields to a media asset by creating custom metadata fields with a content-type wrapper and UI extension.

  • A general overview of Contentful integrations and the new opportunities they offer.

  • How to set up automatic backups for Contentful spaces using AWS Lambda Function and CloudWatch.

  • How to take data a step further by using AWS S3 to back up data on personal infrastructure and maintain an audit log.

  • How to use Contentful spaces to publish updates — without interrupting a customer’s experience — by configuring a blue-green deployment workflow.

  • How to create a moderately personalized web application using Contentful, Optimizely and Google Analytics.

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