Enable orchestration spaces

How to enable orchestration spaces

NOTE: Only organization admins or owners have the required permissions to enable spaces for content orchestration. Every space enabled for content orchestration counts towards the quota of connected spaces on your plan.

To enable orchestration for the spaces in your organization:

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app and navigate to the "Home" tab.

    Orchestration Home tab

  2. Under "Orchestration", click Select Spaces. The "Spaces" tab of the organization settings is displayed.

    Orchestration Enable spaces for orchestration

  3. Click Select spaces.

    Orchestration Select spaces for orchestration

  4. The "Select spaces for content orchestration" page is displayed, where you can choose which spaces you want to enable for orchestration.

    select spaces for content orchestration

  5. Select the check box for the spaces you want to share content and content types across, and click Confirm.

    confirm spaces

    After selecting the spaces, the "Manage content models" and "Manage references" sections are displayed on the "Home" tab.

manage content models

To start managing content types across the selected spaces, click Manage content models. For more information, see Content model templates.

NOTE: For content model templates, you need to enable Orchestration for each space you would like to install templates into. The content types that populate the template can come from any space.

To link content across the selected spaces, click Manage references. For more information, see Cross-space references.

NOTE: For Cross-space references:

To add a field that can reference content from other spaces, enable this space for orchestration.

When enabled, you can select any space in your organization in which you have read permissions (minimum required permission).

Enablement - How to enable spaces

Change or disable orchestration enabled spaces

NOTE: You can change or disable which spaces are enabled at any time. However, note that certain features are blocked.

For Content model templates:

  • You cannot install templates or template versions into these now disabled spaces.

  • The installed content types and installation history remain in place.

For Cross-space references:

  • If a content type has a field with a references field, editors cannot add new entries for this content type.

  • Entries with references continue to function as normal. Your content will not be altered.

How to change orchestration spaces

To change the orchestration spaces:

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app.

  2. Click the organization name and select Organization settings & subscriptions.

  3. Navigate to the "Spaces" tab and click Change Orchestration spaces.

    Orchestration Change orchestration spaces

  4. Select the spaces you want to enable and click Confirm.

    Orchestration Confirm changing orchestration spaces

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