Service Order Feature Descriptions, SLAs, and Usage Limits

Updated November 17, 2022

This page contains definitions and details on features, SLAs, limits, and more associated with Contentful subscriptions.

Premium features

  • Medium-density infrastructure - Technical infrastructure with twice as much capacity for storing, indexing, and delivering content per organization as our standard infrastructure.

  • Webhook templates - Pre-built connections to popular third-party services and tools allowing space admins to create automated workflows.

  • AWS webhook integrations - Ability to connect directly to 100+ AWS services, including popular services such as S3, Lambda and SQS (supports AWS signature version 4 authentication).

  • Custom roles & permissions - Ability to define granular roles and permissions on space entities per user role.

  • Trial spaces - Temporary and reusable spaces for prototyping new projects or testing premium features separately from your production spaces. Not covered by SLA, and expire after 30 days.

  • SSO - Ability to provision, de-provision, and manage the privileges of Contentful users through a SAML-based Identity Provider (IdP) used by the customer.

  • SCIM integration - Manage user access at scale via SCIM API or integration with select identity providers (IdPs). This feature is only available on Scale and High Availability platforms.

  • Static webhook IPs - Webhook responses are fired from a predefined range of IP addresses allowing customers to whitelist Contentful services in accordance with internal security policy requirements.

  • User management API - A dedicated endpoint for managing organizations, organization memberships, teams and space memberships.

  • Usage insights - A dashboard and a dedicated endpoint reporting daily usage stats for individual APIs (CDA, CMA, CPA) per space and per organization.

  • Teams - Ability to group users into teams. A team can also be assigned space memberships in which case all team members inherit those roles & permissions.

  • Custom aliases - Ability to set up 3 static identifiers for working with space environments. Allows Contentful to be used with automated CI/CD pipelines and supports advanced Q&A scenarios.

  • Embargoed assets - Ability to restrict access to unpublished assets by requiring requests to the CDN to be signed with a valid signature.

  • Advanced caching - Ability to serve cached content until content updates propagate throughout the CDN. This ensures better end-user experience during peak traffic periods.

  • Custom domains - Ability to customize the domains serving content delivery, images, and assets APIs: end users see branded domain, instead of the default

  • Security reporting - Upon request reporting of the findings from penetration tests, compliance certification, and changes to internal security procedures.

Premium Plus features

  • Premium plus includes everything in Premium, plus the following:

  • Dedicated infrastructure - Technical infrastructure with reserved capacity for storing, indexing, and delivering a single customer’s content (single tenant)

  • PCI DSS compliance - Annual PCI DSS attestation of compliance as a merchant accepting payments with credit cards.

Add-on features

  • Multi-region delivery infrastructure - High-availability infrastructure for actively delivering all published content through the Contentful Delivery API, Images API, and GraphQL API from two separate regions of vendor choice.

Plan entitlements


  • Users - up to 3000

  • Locales - up to 40

  • Roles - unlimited usage, up to current Technical Limits

Premium Plus

  • Users - unlimited usage, up to current Technical Limits

  • Locales - unlimited usage, up to current Technical Limits

  • Roles - unlimited usage, up to current Technical Limits

Details on Technical Limits

Space entitlements

  • Intro - 25 Content types, 10k Records, 3 Environments (1 master + 2 sandbox)

  • Medium - 50 Content types, 50k Records, 4 Environments (1 master + 3 sandbox)

  • Large - 75 Content types, 200k Records, 6 Environments (1 master + 5 sandbox)

Usage Limits

  • Each plan comes with a baseline amount of asset bandwidth:

    • Premium - 10 TB per month

    • Premium Plus - 40 TB per month

  • Spaces add additional asset bandwidth to the plans:

    • Standard spaces: Intro, Medium, Large - each spaces adds 0.75 TB per month

    • Premium spaces: Extra Large, Max - each spaces adds 2 TB per month

  • Asset bandwidth consumption above these amounts will be billed at $65 per TB per month.

  • Asset bandwidth is measured as the total size of all the assets downloaded within the usage period. Asset bandwidth also takes into account the assets cached on Contentful’s CDNs (Content Delivery Network). See more on asset bandwidth in the


    Usage Limits

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Uptime SLA - Service availability

  • Content Delivery API

    • 99.5% Silver

    • 99.7% Gold

    • 99.9% Platinum

    • 99.99% Platinum, with Multi-Region Delivery Infrastructure

  • Asset CDN

    • 99.5% Silver

    • 99.7% Gold

    • 99.9% Platinum

    • 99.99% Platinum, with Multi-Region Delivery Infrastructure

  • Content Management API

    • 99.5% Silver

    • 99.5% Gold

    • 99.5% Platinum

    • 99.5% Platinum, with Multi-Region Delivery Infrastructure

Support SLA - Maximum response time

  • Severity 1 (Critical)

    • 8 business hours* - Silver

    • 4 hours - Gold

    • 1 hour - Platinum

  • Severity 2 (High)

    • 16 business hours - Silver

    • 8 hours - Gold

    • 2 hours - Platinum

  • Severity 3 (Standard)

    • 24 business hours - Silver

    • 8 business hours - Gold

    • 4 business hours - Platinum

“Business hours” means Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific/Central European Time (based on contract location), excluding holidays

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