What are Tasks?

You can set a task to be completed by your teammates before the entry can be published. A task is added to an entry and can be assigned to a team or an individual user.

NOTE: An entry can be published only after all tasks in it are completed.

Tasks are created and managed under the TASKS area in the entry editor in the web app.

Tasks are currently available only in the web app. We are working on enabling the Tasks app in Compose and Launch.

NOTE: Tasks are only available for space sizes P1X and above on the Enterprise tier. Tasks are not available for space sizes Medium and Large.

Tasks capabilities

The Tasks functionality allows you to do the following:

  • Assign a task to a user - You can assign a task to a specific user. The user will receive an email notification about the task assigned to them.

  • Assign a task to a team - You can assign a task to all users within a specific team. Any user within this team can then complete this task.

NOTE: To learn more about teams, please refer to Create a team.

  • Add a due date to a task - The assignee will be aware about the due date and will be reminded 2 days before the deadline.

  • View pending tasks - A user can view a list of pending tasks assigned to them in a Pending Tasks page.

Installing Tasks app

To be able to use tasks, install the Tasks app in Contentful Marketplace.

NOTE: Tasks app is available only to Early Acceptance Program participants.

To install Tasks app:

  1. Log into Contentful web app.

  2. In the top pane, click Apps and select Manage apps.

  3. Navigate to Tasks and click Install. In a few minutes Tasks app will be installed.

NOTE: Don't close the tab while Tasks app is installed.

Assigning a task

To create a task and assign it to a team or a user:

  1. In the Contentful web app, navigate to the required entry and open its editor page.

  2. In the entry's sidebar, navigate to the TASKS area and click + Create new task.

    Assign task to team 101

  3. Add a custom description to your task providing the instructions on which actions should be done about the entry.

  4. Click on the Assign to... field and select either a team or a specific user you would like to assign your task to.

  5. Optional: In the Due date field, set a deadline for the task completion.

  6. Click Create. Your task is added and the users of the selected team or your selected single user will receive email notifications about this task.

Assign task to team 102

Notifying the user

The user you assigned the task to will receive an email notification. If the task is assigned to a team, then all users within this team will receive email notifications.

In the web app, an orange notification icon will be displayed over the user's icon. If the task is urgent, the icon will be red.

Clicking the icon opens the user profile menu, where they can access their list of pending tasks.

Tasks new 203

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