The complete beginner's guide to creating content with Contentful

Get started in five minutes

You are just learning what Contentful is and how it works. Most importantly, you want to create some content with Contentful.

This guide will walk you through the process – from signing up to your first content piece in about five minutes. We are going to create a piece similar to this Emojipedia page.

This guide focuses on the most basic aspects of Contentful, assuming no experience and knowledge of the product. For more in-depth product documentation, please take a look at the FAQ.

1/5. Sign up

The first thing you'll need is a Contentful account.

If you already have one, please log in and scroll down to the second step. Otherwise this would be a perfect moment to sign up.

2/5. Your first space

After you log in, your screen would probably look like this.


A space is a short for workspace – it's a place where you keep the content for a single project. We'll create one now.

Click "Create a space", select "Blank" template, give the space a name, and you're done.


3/5. A short intermission

Unless something went wrong, your space would now look like this:


You'll create some content soon. But before that you will need to set up the content structure, which will define what data can be kept inside it.

Throughout this guide we'll use an example of an Emojipedia page.

4/5. First content type

Take a look at that 😂 Face With Tears of Joy page. On the most basic level, its structure looks like this:

  • Emoji
  • Title
  • Description and history

These three elements are three independent blocks, and the structure we're about to create will reflect this.

Click "Content types" at the top and then create a new content type.


Once that's done, let's add some fields – they will represent the blocks we've outlined above.

An emoji is just a character, a title is a line of text, and a description is normally a few text paragraphs. When you click "Add field", you'll see various fields – the building blocks which are used to set up the content structure.


The first field we'll create will contain just the emoji symbol. Click "Add field" and select "Text". Type a name and hit "Create". Repeat the same with the title.


For the description the steps are a bit different. Add another text field, but pay attention to the radio buttons below the title. "Short text" is selected by default, but since we'll need some room for several paragraphs, you would need to select "Long text" for it.


This is how your content type should look like now.


Luckily, the boring and abstract part of creating the structure is now over. Save the content type (green button, top-right corner), and let's create some content.

5/5. First emoji

Click "Entries" at the top – that's where you create the actual content. Right now this area is empty, so let's create the first entry. Hit the blue button on the bottom.


Now you'll see something which should be familiar if you have worked with other CMSes before. This is just a content editor, no surprises. Put the content in and click "Publish" on the right.


Next steps and further reading

That's all for now. Now you know how to create spaces, set up the structure of your content by creating content types, and finally creating content entries.

To create more content of the emoji type, go to Entries and add a few different entries. To experiment with different content structures, we encourage you to create some content types on your own, seeing what other fields have to offer.

To learn more about Contentful, we suggest taking a look at the FAQ. If you have a question, you're always welcome to talk to our customer support.

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