Customizing Contentful

What's inside

What's inside

Are you ready to take your content platform to the next level?

Contentful’s solution architects are here to help you customize Contentful to fit your business needs. Our architects wrote each of these chapters in response to specific customer requests, but their solutions have wider applications.

This ebook includes an in-depth look at the content modeling process and four articles on advanced topics related to Contentful integrations.

Download this eBook to dive into these topics:

  1. The content modeling process: how to develop content models that cater to specific business goals

  2. Configuring automatic backups: how to set up automatic backups for Contentful spaces using AWS Lambda Function and CloudWatch

  3. Data ownership with Contentful: how an enterprise can use AWS S3 to back up data on personal infrastructure and maintain an audit log

  4. Blue-green deployment: how to use Contentful spaces to publish updates without interrupting a customer’s experience

  5. Smart web applications: how to create a personalized web application using Contentful, Optimizely and Google Analytics

Some of these solutions depend on features only available to enterprise-level customers. If you aren’t already working with Contentful, you can request a free enterprise trial.

This eBook is available to read on your phone or Kindle. After you fill out the form, we’ll email you both viewing options. Happy reading!

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